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Heating Oil

Make sure your home is heated and warm all year round with our high quality home heating oil. We pride ourselves on service, which is why we are confident of supplying your home when you need it, even if this means the same day. We’ll keep you fuelled up, at a competitive price. We deliver from 500 litres throughout the West of Scotland.

Products & Services

Bottled Gas

We are an authorised distributor of Flogas, and offer a wide range of bottled gas. We have a range of products at our Kilmarnock depot, get in touch to collect what you need or give the team a phone to organise a delivery.

Products & Services

Coal & Logs

You can purchase coal and fully seasoned wood logs from us in various types and quantities to ensure your home is sufficiently heated – especially in those winter months. Our wood logs are dried in our drying kilns to reduce their moisture content to less than 20%. With a far drier material, these logs produce up to 3 times more heat and release substantially less smoke than fire logs which have not been air dried. Collect from our Kilmarnock and Paisley depots, or request a delivery to your home.

Products & Services

Bagged Pellets

We offer Enplus A1 wood pellets, in easy to hand 10kg bags. Our high quality pellets give you an ideal solution to store in your home, and are ideal as an emergency backup for your system if required. If you have a biomass boiler, we can supply the pellets – find out more about biomass here.

Products & Services


We are fully RHI compliant – all woodchip is dried on-site and follows our strict Quality Control guidelines. Our investment in floor drying technology means we can guarantee the wood we supply has a very low moisture content of between 20 and 25% – making your burn as efficient as possible.


We know the importance of using high quality products - which is why we only offer our customers the best with same day delivery.

Same day delivery

We know the inconvenience an empty tank brings, which is why we pride ourselves on doing all we can to get to you the same day.

Prioritising the vulnerable

It’s important to us that the vulnerable are protected, especially in colder weather. Let the team know and we will prioritise your delivery.

High quality fuel products

As a business with years of experience, we know the importance of using high quality products – which is why we only offer our customers the best.

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